Thanks for taking the time to read my story, and discover why it is so important to help the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation take action against all forms of childhood liver disease.

I was born with Alagilles Syndrome, a disorder which effects the liver, kidneys, heart and other systems in the body. I will always have this condition, and growing up with something that you do not truely understand is hard, let me tell you. It effects my skin, and it has also left me susceptible to other illness. I have however never let it hold me back, and have always had people around me (especially my mum) who have told me I am capable of anything, I am lucky because my condition is mild, and although it caused me incredible pain whilst growing up- a side effect being severe itching- my hormones have settled, I take medication, and I have not had to have a liver transplant. I am in the minority, and actually I kind of love it!

This brings me to why I am doing this challenge. The Children’s Liver Disease Foundation have been there from day one with information and continued support for my mum and I. I have been to events they have organised, and met children like myself, and worse. They are NOT funded by the government or the NHS so it is so important that we raise as much money, and awareness, to continue the fight against children’s liver disease.

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