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Paul Ellis

So, I was a successful D.J. in my younger years, Started career at Crocs in Rayleigh, then it was Pink Toothbrush, used to a Friday night with Steve Walsh. Also worked at the Tartan House in Frating, Colchester in the 80’s, Done residency’s at The Sam Lords in Benfleet in the 90,s as well as the Bread & Cheese, also done Horizon pirate radio in the 90’s. Got married and had kids so gave the D.J career up about 20 years ago… Got divorced and got back into the music about Jan this year, was broadcasting from my own web radio for about 6 months before I came to FUNKY SX.

Had a serious motorcycle accident in June 2016, had to learn how to walk again….lost quite a few teeth and waiting to go into hospital to get them sorted!